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Technical Topics

If there was going to be an "Under Construction" sign anywhere. it would be here.  For the time being, this will remain a random collection of electronics related subjects.

The subjects here may be of interest to engineers, technicians, electronic hobbyists and masochists.  Normal people will be glad that they have better things to do.

Crystal Oscillators
An overview on the use of quartz crystals with microcontroller oscillators from a practical viewpoint.
Series/Parallel, Load capacitance, Drive level, Testing, Layout and more.

Changing one bit on a port can really upset something you are doing on another port pin.
If you are going to pin-bash I2C, read this.

EM Micro development environment
At last - an embedded development environment written by someone that knows more about microcontrollers than Windows.

The Basic Stamp 2 from Parallax Inc.
A product intended for learning is useful to professionals too.


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