TLA Microsystems (TLA_TOP.GIF-23k)

Little Step-U
Command summary

Command Range Description

{Aspeed} 0-5000 Set Speed (default=100)
{Bramp} 0-200 Set ramp time (default=0)
{Cmode} 0|1|2 Set mode (0=full, 1=wave, 2=half)
{Dposition} * +/-10000000 Move to position
{Esteps} * +/-10000000 Move steps
{Fposition} * +/-10000000 Move to position, stop on Input
{Gsteps} * +/-10000000 Move steps, stop on Input
{H} * CW till IP2
{J} * CCW till IP1. Set zero
{K} * CW till IP2. Set Mark
{M} * Go to Mark position
{N} * Go to Zero position
{P} 0|1 Off state power. 0=off, 1=on (default=0)
{Q} Set current position as Zero
{R} Set current position as Mark
{S} Switch to remote mode
{R} Return from remote mode
{U} Show status. Returns [position,speed,ramp]
{V} Show inputs. Returns [IP1,IP2]
Commands labelled with a '*' can be optionally followed by speed, ramp, mode.


Pin Functions

Little Step-U (LSU_PIN.GIF-9k)



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